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blanket, two blankets, what. >> the more the merrier. long johns maybe keeping your feet warm. i will say this temperatures may be chilly tonight because we're under a crystal clear sky and as a result reports down to 30. 39 in edgewood and 39 in bel air. in afternoon a day we did top out in the 50s. we can see a crystal clear sky unlike last night we had a thin vail of cloud cover. tonight we will see temperatures falling off pretty dramatically down through the 30 t at daybreak tomorrow then the sun going to warm things up pretty rapidly. we'll be in the 50s by late tomorrow afternoon. much more on how things may change into the travel time frame toward thanksgiving is coming up. >>> tonight broad neck high school is down a teacher and a girls' basketball coach. that's because aaron thorn has been reassigned. the board of education reassigned her during an investigation. we don't know what they're look intoog right now but the letter went home to students that said the decision is to protect quote student safety. one parent we spoke to said this doesn't change how she feels about sendin
's bringing to light another scandal involving another commander in afghanistan. general john allen. these are the latest men who's images have been tarnished. it makes people ask, why do men in power cheat. one researcher says there's several factors. >> the high testosterone, anyone who fights for rank will be high on teases toast rohn. they are away -- testosterone, they are away from home and women likely ranking men. they'll find a woman who's interested in someone like them. >> military leaders aren't the only high-powered men, it's impacted presidents, congressmen and ceo. >>> a soda capable of helping you lose weight. it's the claim pepsi is making with pepsi special soft drink. its launched in japan. the key is fiber. nutritionist said it is unlikely to help you lose weight but make you run to bathroom. it is not available in the u.s. give it time. >>> ever wonder how tall your children will be. there's an app for that. doctors have developed a app that can predict your child's height. how long their legs will be, even a foot size. >> how it's helping doctors treat kids wit
with excitement when they began trying to have a baby. her son john is now three. she remembers the moments and what it was like, just like it was yesterday. >> first, i didn't know what to expect or anything. so if i thought about it, i would think maybe i'm pregnant. it could be up to five a week. when i found out, it was probably five that day, to make sure it was right. >> at the store, most test kits are between $10 and $15. for that price, some kits will give you two testers. but you are still paying at least five dollars a test. how about playing a buck? >> some people are skeptical. there is a generic for anything. >> we found dollar pregnancy tests. the dollar general brand has instructions and details. that is missing from dollar tree's new choice kit. all the instructions are right on the box. tracy didn't mind it. >> i feel like it is the same thing and it is actually, you know, much more affordable. >> how do they stack up to the name brand? we asked family medicine doctor christine alexander to review the research from it. >> after looking at the studies i think there is no di
for allegations of sexual abuse. john charles villers-farrow is behind bars. authorities say an investigation began back in september when the two alleged victims came forward. neighbors are shocked by the allegations. >> i've had only a few interactions with him. he's just a very nice man and his son is polite and very nice boy. it was just really quite shocking. >>> you know a cloudy thursday is fine. windchill is on the way. chief meteorologist wyatt everhart is here. >> i think a little bit of sunshine. temperatures will be back in the 50s at least. little mild. right now looking at the temperatures, we find upper 30s. rock hall you're in the 30s right now. under cloud cover no rain in our immediate area but a coastal system off the carolina coast. overnight though, just a chill continuing brisk. >>> tiny bottles filled with two ounces of -- a shock that promises the sustained boost of energy primarily from caffeine. how much caffeine, the bottle doesn't say. the company now says 270 milligrams the same as 16 ounces of coffee or nearly 6 cans of soda. the company's founder say there's no
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4